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Gambling and Depression

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alcoholism abuse treatment Depression, that darkest of emotional beasts.  Its hallmark signs include sadness, lonely feelings, darkness and “the blues”.  While these are normal emotional arenas for a healthy person to undergo, when sadness is controlling one’s life, when getting out of bed does not seem to have the same purpose, and when work and relationships suffer, it is time to seek professional help for a common problem.  The most common symptoms are depressed mood, sadness, guilt, shame, sleep disturbance and irritability.  A person who is depressed may see escape through various means, including gambling.  In fact, gambling may become a detriment to his or her lifestyle as a result of the financial strain, relationship problems and amount of time consumed gambling

Depression itself affects over eleven million men and women in theUnited Statesevery year.  That is a staggering number when one considers that is around seven percent of the entire population, and…

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